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8-cell 1.25P air line

8-cell 1.25P air line

  • Product code: YBY-01A-203
  • Sheath diameter: OD=4.5mm
  • Online Converter: JIU Hua &12 4P air male
  • Product certification: ISO9001-2000, ROHS, UL

The product as security camera cable is widely used in all kinds of cameras, such as:Dome white light camera, bullet camera, dome camera, analog video camera, camera, remote cameras, face recognition cameras, infrared cameras, night vision cameras, color cameras, infrared waterproof camera, waterproof camera, infrared night-vision cameras, HD analog cameras, color dome cameras, IR speed dome;


The characteristics of the product:



     ① The copper wires are pure copper wire and conductor and an area ofULStandard. There is no copper clad steel or copper clad aluminum.PVCAll new material, outside temperature, wear resistance materials procurement;


   ②Latest anti-aging wire with low impedance, long life characteristics, adapt to the environment and provide good transmission, effectively shielding the jamming signal;


   ③Quality certifications include:ULStandards,ISO9002ROHSSuch certification;


   ④ WeHighlights:Customized for the different needs of different customers(Customers can give us their design drawings and requested parameter);





    e. Packaging: 40MM*30MM*20MM



Contact Person:Winda Ou

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