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Harness Tips

Harness Tips


Wire harness containing monovalent basic price of copper part by the decision to understand the content and composition of the copper wiring harness, the decision of the entire harness valuation is accurate, but also easy to compare different quotes harness. Here, briefly explain how to calculate the square of the number and how to distinguish between pure copper and copper clad aluminum magnesium wire harness in the copper and copper-clad steel.


First, the calculation method of the wire squares

Squares containing the cross sectional area of ​​the wire harness that copper parts.

Elements needed: each count of wire inside the wire, the diameter of each wire

Calculation method:

Copper cross-sectional area = pi (3.14) * wire diameter squared / 4 * count copper wire

If multi-strand wire, namely: single-strand cross-sectional area of ​​the single-strand cross-sectional area + to + ......

If winding, namely: pi (3.14) * winding wire diameter squared / 4 * winding count

If weaving, namely: pi (3.14) * braided copper wire diameter squared / 4 * weave count

Sectional area of ​​the entire cross-sectional area = harness multi-strand copper wire wound copper Cu + + sectional area of ​​the cross-sectional area of ​​the copper braiding

Second, several methods to identify the wire material

     Nowadays, a lot of bad business in pursuit of profits, at the expense of the interests of their credibility and clients, in order to charge the difference between excellent, every one, to fish things often appear. When the customer and the customer's foreign customers, after a long period of use, the customer feedback where the problem dates back to the time before birth manufacturers, raw manufacturers make profits previously did not care to recover the purchase price of the last few strokes, which gives the "Made in China "caused considerable adverse international influence. To prevent this happening, my company is willing to trade a few simple quality test methods to share with our customers, together eliminate fake and shoddy products.

a. copper and copper-clad steel distinction

Copper because of its small transmission loss, stretchability and flexibility, is defined as an irreplaceable primary conductor wire and cable. With the development of modern technology, there has to be confused with the copper-clad steel. Copper Clad Steel looks like copper, because it is coated with a thin layer of copper. Color can be spurious, but SMIC is stainless steel or iron-dependent signaling basic copper surface, and the stretch of poor, easily broken.

Distinction: copper wire cut into small pieces with scissors 1 mm long, with a small magnet to suck, copper is not adsorbed, and copper-clad steel will. With a magnifying glass to see the cross-section of copper wire, you can see the yellow surface of copper and silver steel interior.

b. the simple distinction of copper wire and copper clad aluminum

When the copper-clad steel wire processing and use because the process is too easily broken, can not completely replace the copper wire, copper clad aluminum invented people, China is the largest producer of aluminum products, aluminum lot cheaper than copper. But aluminum is too soft, stretched into a wire and the production process is very easy to pull off, and difficult to be welded on the tin, easy breakage after playing terminals. So while there has been CCAM to increase hardness and tensile properties. CCAM wire closer look and can be deceptive.

Distinction: After stripping PVC jacket with scissors, burned with a lighter wire, if the CCAM, because low melting point, and immediately burned and burned to ashes, while copper is intact